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"I would recommend without hesitation massage therapist Dominique Tardif. She is magical, and seamlessly blends energy work with a clear awareness of the body as a machine that simply needs a regular tune-up. She has made me aware that a CranioSacral Therapy session can be a key part of overall maintenance and healing in addition to deep tissue sports massage. I’ve been seeing her regularly for years, and if I had limitless funds I’d simply schedule a 30-minute daily session with her… which would be the ultimate indulgence, and also the ultimate way to incorporate body work into one’s life."- MWW

“I don’t think I’ve ever been that relaxed.” - DW

“Wow, I feel so much more connected from head to foot.” - KR

“It was crazy to feel tension build up in one area of my body and then feel it release all the way out my arm. The sore shoulder that I came in with now feels great and you didn't have to dig into the muscles with a Dremel Tool!” -AW

“I feel as relaxed and unwound as if I just had a deep tissue massage, but your touch was so light!” - MS

"I have had the pleasure of being a client of DT for approximately 10 years. Being a 57 year old athlete with a lifetime of extreme sports I have recently become involved in marathon cross country cycling events. DT’s massage techniques have always given me relief and revitalization. Before a recent session as a prelude to a 1600 mile multi-day ride,  she suggested CST which I happily agreed to try. From previous sports accidents I have 5 compression fractures in various verterbrae in my spine, and displacement in my C2 cervical vertebrae. After experiencing Dominique’s CST session my neck didn’t hurt, my head pivoted, my legs felt stronger and more vital, and overall I felt completely rejuvenated. During the subsequent ride I felt completely free of pain and had to make no compensations. I highly recommend this treatment and Dominique Tardif. " - TR

"I had been having painful hormonal headaches every month, which would respond minimally to OTC medications.  Dominique suggested a craniosacral session, so we scheduled a session for the day before I expected to get the headache.  The next morning, I had a really faint headache which responded to a couple of ibuprofen, and in subsequent months, I had no headaches at all.  I have no idea how it worked, but it did!" - AB

"My physical therapist recommended the work of CranioSacral Therapy to me and specifically therapist Dominique Tardif.  The use of massage as part of my complement of health care providers has been in play for the last 15 years.  However, as I started to get more acute and cascading symptoms from an injury that were curtailing my quality of life, I am grateful to have had Dominique as part of the team of health providers that have worked together. 

She has a wide array of techniques and both clinical and intuitive knowledge and skills. 
I find that the CranioSacral work feels like I have had a lightness applied to my body instead of the more traditional deep manipulation of muscle.  I know this work has allowed my body to find its own way to better alignment and wholeness versus being forcibly pushed into place with more traditional massage methods.  The result is that the residual effect is vastly superior for me and has promoted increased health and vitality." -SM
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